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EIPBN 2019 Meeting

In Thursday's Advanced Ion Beam I session Jabez McClelland gave an overview of cold ion technologies. This included zeroK's LoTIS as well as the Lithium ion beam system built by Brenton and myself at NIST; this system is still running and producing results over 8 years after coming online.

Later in the session, showing the latest results from our FIB:RETRO prototype and our plans for the next-generation SIMS:ZERO system. 

The session concluded with a talk from Yuval Greenzweig of Intel, detailing some of the results from characterization work Intel did with our FIB prototype. The conclusion is that LoTIS is very well suited to circuit-edit operations owing to its very small focal spot sizes and low invasiveness/staining.

That evening zeroK was honored with an award for best startup of 2019!

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